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Jason Collins Joins Santa Cruz Surfboards Team

Jason Collins, nicknamed “Rat Boy” is one of the most talented surfers from California. He is well known for his spectacular aerial moves like 360 airs, Double grabs or reverses. He also pioneered some of the aerial moves we know today. Jason is also a great longboarder.

The talented rider has just signed a partnership agreement with Santa Cruz Surfboards, a Californian surfboard design and shaping firm which operates in this industry for almost 40 years. Jason Collins will promote the Santa Cruz Surfboards products, while the company will support him in his career.

Jason Miller, Santa Cruz Surfboards Sales/Brand Manager, stated: 'Rat is Santa Cruz Surfboards. 'We’re about to celebrate 40 years in 2013 and we wanted to get the team loaded back up with local heroes for the celebration.  He was top on our list.  I’ve seen him simply rule any board from a 5’2” Finless to a 10’ nose rider.  Not to mention he fishes like a fish and golf’s lights out.  All in all he’s a super human. I’m just amped to have him on our boards.

Richard Novak, N.H.S. (the company which operates the Santa Cruz Surfboards brand) founder, added: “The only thing I can say about Rat is he’s the most impressive surfer I’ve seen when it comes to generating speed right on take off.”