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Jeff Rowley – Incredible Wipeout at Jaws

A few days ago, on the 18th of this month to be more precisely, Jeff Rowley, the Big Wave surfing legend who needs no introduction, and charged the monster waves at Jaws once again.

Well, not everything worked as planned for Jeff, although he was ready to face huge waves and his skills are amazing. It was a heavy session, held in led then ideal conditions and Jeff suffered a massive wipeout, copped about 20 waves on the head, pulled his floatation wetsuit and snapped his leash instantly having to swim in unassisted and climb over rocks that had 6 foot waves breaking on them.

Fortunately, a few tourists helped Jeff retrieve his board. Jeff gave big thanks to everyone who helped him get his board over the rocks and up the cliff and big thanks to Xcel Wetsuits for the floatation wetsuit and thanks to Channel Islands for the strong board soon after recovering after the wipeout.

Check out Jeff’s Jaws adventure and crazy wipeout in the related videos section below.