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Jeff Rowley Rides Jaws without Tow-in Help

On Friday the 6th of January, big wave rider Jeff Rowley has become the first Australian to ride the Jaws without Jet Ski Tow-in. He managed to paddle onto a huge 50 feet wave and ride it without problems, although it seems almost impossible.

Peahi , also known as Jaws is one of the biggest wave surfing reef breaks in the world. It is located in Maui, Hawaii and it is called Jaws due to the size and awesome force of the local waves. To catch a huge wave at Jaws it is almost impossible without being towed in.

Jeff Rowley, just as other fearless surfers like Shane Dorian and Garret McNamara, has revolutionized the world of big wave surfing by paddling onto these huge waves. Jeff Rowley has used a 10'2" Al Merrick quad fin surfboard in his adventure. The surfboard was especially designed for big wave riding. He also used a buoyancy jacket to keep him safe at all times and prevent drowning.

Jeff Rowley’s amazing ride will be nominated for the 2011-12 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave surfing awards. Jeff’s ride is part of his 'Charge for Charity' project which is intended to raise money for Breast Cancer Australia. You can also be a part of this project by making a donation on the Jeff Rowley official website.

Jeff Rowley about his experience: "I stood up and the wind hit me and tried to rip my board from under my feet as I started freefalling, I couldn't see a thing but I pushed down as hard as I could and made the ride. It was like trying to catch and ride a Tyrannosaurus Rex with your bare hands- the best thrill but you're so glad to be alive".