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Kelly Slater to Run for President in 2016

The legendary Kelly Slater plans to leave the ASP World Tour at the end of this year, after the Triple Crown of Surfing. He will concentrate his efforts on fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming president of the United State.  As his pro surfing career will end, he will have time to commit to his presidential campaign for 2016.

Kelly Slater is the first professional sportsman to run for the US Presidency. Kelly will run as a Republican candidate, although the Democrats wanted him on the team too.  He will be supported in his campaign by many fans and surfing enthusiasts.

A former Florida Republican senator commented: "He's definitely one of the strongest candidates in the Republican line-up for 2016. Kelly Slater is probably the most perfect fresh new face in American politics, since Barack Obama. I think he has strong chances of being elected."

Kelly stated: "In 2010, I told Surfing Magazine that I considered myself an Independent, but also that I sound like a conservative Republican, at times. In the last 16 months, my friends, girlfriend and family gave me full support, so I guess there's no distance left to run. I want to be the 45th President of the United States of America."