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Miguel Pupo Is on DaKine Team

Miguel Pupo, aka Mike or Migi, is one of the most prestigious riders on the ASP World Tour. He is inspired by his father, Jordy Smith, Dane Reynolds and Andy Irons and his favorite maneuvers are barrels. In his pro career, Miguel won many important titles at huge events, like the first place at the Hang Loose Pro this year, the 1st place at the O'Neill Coldwater Classic Santa Cruz and at the Nike Lowers Pro in 2011, the 1st place at the Hurley Sao Chico Pro Junior in 2010 and many others. At just 20 years, he is ranked 15 on the ASP World Championship Tour.

The talented Brazilian rider has just signed with DaKine and he is now part of the DaKine pro surfing team. He will ride from now on along the other members of the team like Bruce Irons, Taj Burrow, Joel Parkinson, CJ and Damien Hobgood, Brett Simpson and the others and we are sure he will be of great value for the team.

After signing with DaKine, Miguel said: "Growing up in Brazil I dreamed of becoming a professional surfer so I’m honored to sign with DAKINE; not only will I have access to the world’s best surf accessories, but I’ll be joining one of the world’s best surf teams as well.”

DaKine officials are proud to have him on the team. Micah Nickens, DaKine’s Surf Team Manager, said: “On behalf of DaKine, I’m stoked to welcome Miguel to our family. He brings a huge level of skill and power to our team that is unmatched at his age.  His future looks unbelievably bright.”