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Is Nike 6.0 Dissolving?

The fans are wondering what happened to the Nike 6.0 brand. Nike 6.0 represents Nike’s “division” for action sports, dedicated to wake, surf, skate, snow, BMX and related sports. There is a rumor spreading around the action sports forums that Nike 6.0 is dissolving. The fans started asking questions when they saw that the Nike 6.0 Retention was just Nike Retention this year. They are also seeing less of the 6.0 logo every day.

Sources from the company state that the Nike 6.0 brand is indeed ceasing to exist, but it is more an evolution than dissolution. The Nike wake, surf, BMX, and snow were on the stage for nearly 10 years. The industry started with the mutant logo and became 6.0. 6.0 is now becoming part of standard Nike, as the brand has become heavily involved in action sports. The new program is called Nike Action Sports.

But the fans should not worry, since Nike will still produce the same high performance gear and it won’t part from any of the pro athletes riding under the Nike 6.0 logo. They will still be rocking for Nike. It is basically the same minus the 6.0 logo.