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Portuguese Surfers Ride Ferry-Catamaran Waves

A small group of surfers from Lisbon enjoyed an exciting yet unusual surfing experience a few days ago. They had the chance to ride a very special, wave, produced by a ferry-catamaran. Usually, artificial waves are encountered in controlled environments like surfing parks, but this wave was generated by the boat on the river Tagus, in an environment not altered by man.

Some surfers are always on the look for these special artificial generated waves and study the winds and tides to see how they can profit each time these boats pass close to the shore. The surfers from Lisbon who enjoyed the last experience of this kind say that the ferry-catamaran boats are able to produce the biggest wave.

Ricardo Carrajola, a local surfer, says: "This is a dream we have. We do not live in front of a beach with waves, but surfing has become a reality at the doorstep. It's funny and it's something different, something that is not seen worldwide. We are dependent on several conditions: tides, wind, boat speed, if they're full or empty. It is not an easy thing to catch. Some days we cannot catch a wave at all."

Check out their adventure by following this link. The video is in Portuguese, but we are sure that the action needs no translation. Enjoy!