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Quiver Gets Ready to Launch the 2012 Autumn Signature Range

Quiver is one of the leading brands in surfboard design and manufacturing industry. The Quiver team gathers talented designers and shapers that work hard to craft unique boards which can offer a unique riding experience to all surfers out there. Quiver’s Signature Range which will be launched this fall is being revised and updated by the renowned surfer and shaper Stuart D’Arcy together with machine master and shaper Phil Hodge.

The Signature boards by Quiver already offer top quality and performance, but the two crafters are working to further tweak them, in order to provide even higher performance.

Pani Bundy, Quiver International Manager, said: “Being surfer/shapers allow these two master craftsmen to understand the dynamics of their craft. They have both shaped for 25 years – before machines made imitation possible. They innovate because they surf. D’Arcy is one of the world’s greatest shapers – period. It’s this combination, with Seabase’ globally respected materials, that is advancing their ability to push the boundaries of surfboard design. No question. […]

Let’s be clear – for several years’ price pressure has driven down quality in every area and surfing has suffered - unquestionably. We do not want to be in that space. We want to explore new and innovative boundaries. We want the surfer to buy a board with total confidence and faith. We want him or her to improve their surfing experience.

Everything we do at Quiver® has that as our goal. We have no other agenda.”