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Red Bull Jaws: The Invites

Red Bull Jaws will challenge the skills, talent, determination and courage of 21 amazing surfers on a single day between December 7, 2012 and March 15, 2013. It will happen on that day on which the wave face heights reach between 30 and 50 feet. The riders will venture out on the monster waves with no assistance from motorized personal watercraft.

It will be an awesome event for sure. The organizers have selected the 21 competitors based on recent performances in waves of comparable magnitude to Jaws and sent them invites. The riders who accepted the invite and are ready for a big wave adventure are:

Kala Alexander (HI)
Grant "Twiggy" Baker (ZAF)
Carlos Burle (BRZ)
Kohl Christensen (HI)
Danilo Couto (BRZ)
Shane Dorian (HI)
Nate Fletcher (CA)
John John Florence (HI)
Mark Healey (HI)
Bruce Irons (HI)
Albee Layer (HI)
Greg Long (CA)
Garrett McNamara (HI)
Ramon Navarro (CHL)
Jamie O'Brien (HI)
Makua Rothman (HI)
Jeff Rowley (AUS)
Kelly Slater (FL)   
Ian Walsh (HI)
Shaun Walsh (HI)
Dave Wassel (HI)

In case some riders cannot attend the event, there are alternates ready to take their place:

Francisco Porcella (HI)
Aaron Gold (HI)
Billy Kemper (HI)
DK Walsh (HI)
Marcio Freire (HI)
Reef McIntosh (HI)
Kai Lenny (HI)
Gabriel Villaran (Chile)
Tyler Larronde (HI)
Matt Meola (HI)
Yuri Soledade (HI)
Mark Mathews (AUS)
Nakoa Decoite (HI)
Ben Wilkinson (HI)