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Riparide: Connecting Surfers Worldwide

Most of the people that love surfing are on a constant look for the best waves. Surfing is quite simple, you just need a board and good waves, but when you need to travel a lot to spot those good waves it can become a bit more complicated.

Marlon Law and Dane O’Shanassy love surfing and know how difficult is to carry your surf equipment with you on your journey or even spot the best accommodation. That is why Marlon Law and Dane O’Shanassy have come up with Riparide. Riparade is intended to allow surfers to travel light across the globe. It is a community marketplace which connects surfers that travel across the globe with surfing gear and accommodation provided by locals.

This way, Riparide helps surfers travel without hassle and also helps the locals earn some cash if they have a room or a board to spare for some while. Locals can list surfboards, SUP boards, tents, couch, caravan and any other type of accommodation and gear they can provide on the Riparide website.

The concept introduced by Marlon Law and Dane O’Shanassy is not new on the market. It is known as collaborative consumption and it is part of a larger movement happening worldwide. It is based on the idea that sharing is useful for both parties involved in the process.