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Sally Fitzgibbons Launches New Web Series

Sally Fitzgibbons is one of the icons of female Australian and International Pro surfing. She has claimed many important titles in her career and has proved to be one of the most talented and determiner female surfers ever. She is also an inspirational figure for many surfers across the Globe.

The amazing athlete will share episodes of her surf and personal life with the fans in a new and cool web series of videos entitled Sally Stories. The first episode of the series is powerful. It presents Sally tackling one of the most unique waves on the planet and it is shot in beautiful super slow motion in a striking landscape as it follows Sally through Dubai and the Al Ain desert as she takes her surfing to the air.

The first episode, Oasis, is an incursion behind the scenes window into Sally's world, from the US Open in Huntington to aerial training in Dubai. Next webisode will air on the 21st of November.