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Searching for Kelly Slater by GoPro

Based in California, US, GoPro designs and manufactures the world’s most versatile cameras, cameras that people capture and share their passions through immersive video and photos. The GoPro cameras are the perfect tool for action sports fans that wand to record their adventures.

GoPro is also by Kelly Slater’s side and helps him capture and share his own experience with fans around the world. Apart from competing in the world’s most prestigious events, Kelly spends a lot of time searching for the perfect waves across the world and the riding them like no other. Each of his rides is worth documenting.

Kelly’s latest video was shot in Tahiti, where he GoPro tech crew set up multiple cameras to capture a unique 'Matrix' angle and some deep-inside-the-barrel perspectives only attainable through the steady handwork of Slater.
The entire footage was shot using the Hero 3 camera. Take a look at this awesome clip in the related videos section below.