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Shane Dorian Enters Billbong XXL Big Wave Awards 2012/13 with Jaws Ride

The big wave surfing season is back on in the North Pacific. It has begun with an epic opening day of waves at Jaws in Maui, Hawaii, which boosted several entries into the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards. The Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards reaches its 13th birthday. This prestigious event celebrates the greatest achievements in big wave riding captured on video or photo all over the Globe.

The first riders to enter the prestigious event are Shane Dorian with some amazing tube rides, Keala Kennelly with spectacular drives and Makua Rothman with the conquest of a huge swell. The entries can be found on the XXL Facebook page and soon they will also be available on the official Billabong XXL website.

We invite you to watch one of the first entries, showcasing the courage and determination of Shane Dorian, one of the Big Wave Surfing Legends, as he finds the pathway through an amazingly deep paddle-in tube at Jaws. It is part of Ride of the Year division of the 2012/13 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards.

A few words from Shane after dealing with Jaws: "I just sorta found myself in the sweet spot. Once I got over that boil I just had to hang on. Pucker factor was a 10!"