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Shark Attack near Coral Bay, WA

Although the chances of being attacked by a shark while surfing or swimming are slim, these kinds of incidents happen sometimes. The latest shark attack was reported earlier this week on the WA coast. It is the second shark attack which takes place in Australia in just two days.

The first incident took place on the East Coast, when a surfer was savagely attacked by a presumed White Shark and he was severely injured. The 44 years old victim was nearly bled to death and he is now struggling for his life at the hospital.

This time, the victim was a 26-year-old tour operator who was spending his holiday near Coral Bay, a place located 1137 km North of Perth. According to the witnesses, the man was attacked by a large Tiger Shark while swimming. Fortunately for the victim, the shark bite was not fatal. Authorities stated that he will be transferred to Perth for the treatment of a non-life-threatening bite to the arm.

We hope that both shark attack victims recover well and won’t face another shark attack ever again.