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Shark Kills Surfer at Port St Johns

The surfing community was shocked by a terrible event which caused the death of a 25 years old African windsurfer.  The young surfer was riding in the waters of Second Beach, Port St Johns, when a huge shark was spotted. The alarm was triggered and most of the surfers and swimmers managed to get out of the water, but unfortunately it was too late for him. He suffered severe injuries to his chest and arms from shark bites.

Witnesses say that the young surfer tried to fight the shark with his board for around five minutes, before being pulled off the water. The doctors arrived at the place of the accident very fast, and although they struggled to keep the man alive, unfortunately he died on the way to the hospital.

The witness who saw the shark first stated: “I saw the fin of the shark and as I told people to get out of the water I heard him scream and within seconds the water had turned red. He had a surfboard with him and he used it to wrestle off the shark... Lifeguards started blowing their whistles, but by that time there was blood everywhere... I have never seen so much blood in my life. I am not sure if I will ever be able to swim there again.”

The local authorities confirmed the incident and they are waiting for the surfer’s relatives to confirm the identity of the body. According to authorities and experienced water men in the area, shark attacks are prevalent in the area during this time of the year.