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Stokes Me Challenge by SIMA

The Stokes Me Challenge is a 30 days digital fundraising contest launched by the SIMA Humanitarian Fund on the 1st of October, open to all of the people and organizations involved in surfing as sport or as industry. Surfers, retailers and surf brands anywhere can take part in this initiative and compete to see who can raise the most money for 10 surf-related humanitarian organizations. The goal of Stokes Me Challenge is to raise $220,000 in order to support the activity of those humanitarian organizations.

The motto of this campaign is simple, but deep: “Surfers Helping Humans”. To enter the campaign, there are three easy steps to be followed:
- Create Your Own Fundraising Page
- Support a Surf Brand, Retailer or Partner Team
- Make a One-time Donation

Here’s what Ross Garrett, SIMA Humanitarian Fund President and Vice President at Surfline, says about this campaign: “The Stokes Me Challenge will take place all online and it is super easy to get involved. You have three choices on how you can get involved in Stokes Me. You can become a fundraiser for your favorite surf brand, retailer or partner team; start your own team; or make a one-time donation. All options lead to prizes and we are stoked that this year we will be sending the top fundraiser on a trip for two to Hawaii for the Triple Crown, including VIP treatment to Surfer Poll.”

Get involved! Help people in need have a better life. To find out more about this initiative’ please visit the official Stokes Me Challenge website.