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Surfer Attacked by Shark on the Big Island

Paul Santos, a 43 years old surfer was attacked by a 15-foot tiger shark about 200 yards off shore of Kiholo Bay. According to the Department of Land and Natural Resources, Santos was bit on the right forearm and sustained knee injuries.

Immediately after the attack, someone shouted ‘911’ and a worker at the private home of Dr. Earl Bakken responded to the call. Adam Atwood, General Manager at Dr. Bakken's, reported that the staff isolated Santos' injury, stabilized him, and waited around half an hour for paramedics to arrive. According to Atwood, Santos punched the shark repeatedly until it let go and then jumped out of the water.

Santos was afterwards taken to the hospital, and then later flown to Oahu for treatment. At the moment Paul Santos is recovering and is in stable condition, according to hospital officials.

Officials state that sharks are known to frequent the area.