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Swell – A Year of Waves

Every surfer and waterman knows that every wave is distinct and has its own features. There are no two identical waves, even if it may seem so, just similarities between them. Each wave is created by specific wind and water conditions and marches in its own way towards the shore. Documenting types of waves according to their features is a tough work, but Evan Slater and Pete Taras managed to do this in their book,Swell – A Year of Waves.

Evan Slater and Pete Taras are no strangers to waves and surfing. Evan is a big wave rider and former editor of Surfing magazine and Peter is photo editor for Surfing magazine and a big surfing enthusiasts.

In their book, Swell, the two of them identify four types of swells, according to the specific features of the waves in several places of the planet, like moods, eccentricities and more. The essence of the waves is captured in amazing photos and informative essays that make Swell a must have book for all watermen.