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Taylor Jensen Claims the 2012 ASP World Longboard Title

Taylor Jensen won the first place at the 2012 CITIC PACIFIC ShenZhou Peninsula Pro hosted by Wanning. His win also grants him the ASP World Longboard Title for the second consecutive time. Taylor has previously won the ASP World Longboard Title at an event in Italy in 2011, after a two event tour, when he finished second at both tour stops.

The finals of the CITIC PACIFIC ShenZhou Peninsula Pro were packed with action. Taylor claimed the title after defeating Hawaiian Ned Snow in crisp and clean 2 - 3 foot waves at Riyuewan, Hainan Island. Taylor’s surfing was critical as he rode the nose and attacked the lip with a fine balance of finesse and power.

At the end of the event he said: "I didn't know how bad my sickness was going to be. But it knocked me flat for 48 hours. It was touch and go as to whether I was up to surfing, my first heat was sketchy. It all came together; I got better every day as the contest went on. You hear guys like Kelly Slater talk about building momentum through contests, and how the guy with the highest heat total usually loses in the next round. So I knew that getting through heats wasn't a bad thing, I felt like I hadn't surfed my best yet and that there was still something left in the tank."