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Top 50 Big Wave Surfers of All Time

Big wave riding can be considered as the most extreme face of surfing. The big wave surfers are amazing athletes that are addicted to extreme sensations and love to feel the adrenaline pumping through their bodies. There are several spots in the world renowned for huge waves, like Mavericks, Pipeline, Cortes Bank, Dungeons or Teahupoo. Many daring riders have charged the big waves in these locations in an ultimate celebration of extreme surfing and performed outstanding.

But these places and their monster waves have also claimed their share of lives.  Todd Chesser, Dickie Cross, Malik Joyeux, Sion Milosky, Moto Watanabe Peter Davi and Donnie Solomon are just a few of the extreme riders that passed away due to extreme conditions, coral reef injuries, wipeouts and drowning.

Garrett McNamara is one of the best big wave surfers. He entered the Guinness World Records with the biggest wave ever surfed, after dominating a 78 foot wave in Nazaré, Portugal. Another amazing big wave challenger is Laird Hamilton. He is also the first professional big wave surfer. The "Millennium Wave" ridden in the reef of Teahupoo by Laird is considered the heaviest wave surfed of all times.

These are just two of the riders in the 50 best big wave surfers of all time, an exclusive extreme surfing club that gathers some of the most daring surfers ever. Check them all out below:

Al Mennie
Andy Irons
Anthony Tashnick
Ben Wilkinson
Brock Little
Buzzy Trent
Carlos Burle
Chris Bertish
Danilo Couto
Darrick Doerner Darryl Virostko
Dave Kalama
Dave Wassel
Eddie Aikau
Frank Solomon
Garrett McNamara
George Downing
Brad Gerlach
Gerry Lopez
Grant Twiggy Baker Grant Washburn
Greg Long
Greg Noll
Ian Walsh
Jamie Sterling
Jay Moriarty
Jeff Clark
Jeff Rowley
Jose Angel
João de Macedo Kai Barger
Ken Bradshaw
Ken Colllins
Kohl Christensen
Laird Hamilton
Laurie Towner
Mark Foo
Mark Healey
Mark Mathews
Mark Visser Maya Gabeira
Mike Parsons
Nathan Fletcher
Peter Mel
Ramon Navarro
Richie Fitzgerald
Ross Clarke-Jones
Shane Dorian
Sion Milosky
Zach Wormhoudt