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West Australian Surfer Survives Shark Attack

Another shark attack took place in the beautiful waters of Western Australia just yesterday. Fortunately, he was not killed in this terrible incident. The rider, who is thought to be in his early 30s, was surfing in a remote location near the popular surf break of Red Bluff, located about 150km north of Carnarvon in WA's Gascoyne region. The shark attacked him at around 3:25PM local time. Just minutes after the attack, the Police was alerted.

The surfer was saved by Jeff Goulden, known as Camel,a  local surf  legend, who grabbed the 34 years old victim and pulled him on to his surfboard after the attack.

Preliminary reports from the police state that the man sustained abdominal and leg injuries, but was found conscious. He also sustained arm injuries while trying to protect himself and fight off the Shark. The rider was immediately taken to the Carnarvon Hospital for medical assistance. Afterwards, he will be transported to Perth, at the Royal Perth Hospital for further medical treatment.

No one in the water spotted the incident, but one woman, whose kids helped carry the injured surfer out of the water, stated for ABC Radio: "The water was full of blood, that's about it. He was conscious the whole way back though, he was OK. He was in good spirits, as well as he could be.''