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Anthony Maltese

Quarantine SUP Surfing with Anthony Maltese
Anthony Maltese making the most of it and scores a few good ones during US lockdown. A quick word from Anthony: “Lockdown sucks. Every surfer around the world seems to have been affected by it. Regardless of your beliefs, we are all human bein...
Riding the Barrels with Anthony Maltese
Anthony Maltese goes on a quest for barrels and new camera angles. Getting barrelled (or 'shacked' which is the coolest way of saying it!) is definitely one of the best feelings out there. The colours and the noises all change as you get cove...
Surf & SUP with Anthony Maltese
We take a look back at Anthony Maltese’s first video in his SUP blog series. A video that by the look of the low number of hits, you may have missed.  You can always count on Anthony for a bit of amping surf action. Enjoy!