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A Ride with the Sharks
Ben Beholz’s just dropped his latest episode of FREISTIEL SERIES #52 from Sal, Cape Verde. He’d seen a video of Mitu kiteboarding with sharks, so naturally, he wanted to try it out too – watch this!
On the Road with Andy Yates
Andy Yates’ Road Trippin series gives us an inside scoop into the athlete’s life, a life packed with adventures and filled with competitions. We all know that Andy is an awesome kitesurfer, and the series confirms it. In the third episod...
SUP Surfer Rides with Manta Ray
Manta Rays are large eagle rays that can reach up to 7 meters in width. They are among the most amazing creatures of the ocean, but unfortunately, they are also listed as endangered species, due to pollution entanglement in fishing nets, and direct h...
Gone with the Wind – Traveling the World by Kite
Gone with the Wind showcases Lennart Schulenburg’s journey around the world during the past year. For eight full months he visited five different continents, riding the best spots and experiencing foreign cultures. The adventure kicks off in B...