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Underground Kipuna Freewave Fish 2010

Underground Kipuna Freewave Fish 2010

Reviewed on Jun 20th 2012 by Freespirit-40
User Rating:
5.0 out of 5

First of all dont be put off by the shape and the flat no volume construction as you really, really need to try these boards. Also i think most kitesurfers that surf in the waves know that getting the perfect wave conditions are not usually every day and for real world conditions and non-pro surfer these type of boards are probarly one of the best.

Construction :

Is like a TT and is very strong and can be used for jumping and these boards will last alot longer than most kitesurf surfboards. Also probarly the best board for strapless riding with the flat deck with full length grip pad.

To Ride :
I have the 5'10" FISH not made anymoe but same construction. Anyway in real-world conditions choppy and not so great waves you feel very little bounce and a great soft stable ride through the chop and once in the waves its very smooth without any bounce and very stable. As its a Quad fin board it carves pretty quick i think for such a big board and gas a nice feeling to it. It does not go upwind probarly as well as a 3 fin thruster also depending on fins used i feel it still has plenty of grip but i am 65kg so heaver rides may find it more loose. I find it catches the waves in marginal low wind conditions so much better than a 5'8" size surfboard and alot more easier to get waves as well. I have riden a couple of normal type surfboards and no matter what anyone says in choppy conditions they are not great but some are better than others i have found but this board is very nice. If your a pro rider or pure surfer then sure the surfboard design will probarly be the best option for you but if your average in the waves and want a board for all wave contions and types of water you can not go far wrong with a Kipuna 5'8" i would say is the best size for more or less any rider with a kite size specific for your weight.

I Think many kiters are put off by these boards due to the flat no volume and non surfboard type construction. I was but once i tried them they are very good but decided to still to give a normal surfboard type board a try again and was very dissipointed. So i came to the conclusion that the Underground FISH is so nice to use all the time, especially for smaller mushy waves up to probarly 2m +. You can get these custum built now in Bali but as a full wood core construction and have been told it has even a better feel.