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2013 CWB Team in Action

CWB Board Co, one of the premier companies in wakeboarding industry is proud to be close to all wakeboarding athletes from across the world. CWB has always supported progressive and talented riders and it is always focused to support their efforts in becoming champs. Over the years, the company has built a strong team which it is now ready to revolutionize the water sports world.

Meet the 2013 CWB team in the short clip below and watch the riders shred the waves using the latest CWB gear. If you wonder who are the riders on the team, here are just a few names: Josh Twelker, Mike Dowdy, Gabe Lucas, Trevor Hansen, Nicola Butler, Alyssa Twelker and more.

As CWB says, “take a ride with the best team in wakeboarding as they test out some of the 2013 products.”