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The 2013 Malibu Wakesetter 20 VTX Is Ready to Shred the Water

Malibu Boats, the market leader in the watersports towboats design and manufacturing industry, has recently launched the revamped, redesigned and improved 2013 Wakesetter 20 VTX. The 2013 Wakesetter 20 VTX is a special boat. It is a crossover machine which can handle skiing, wakesurfing and wakeboarding with ease.

The boat features a removable center pylon which assures a traditional direct drive pull. It uses a 3D cut diamond hull which generates soft, flat wakes for skiing, but also cool transitions for wakeboarding by adding 1,250 pounds of hard-tank ballast and deploying the Power Wedge. The boat is also equipped with a redesigned dash system which makes it extremely user friendly and easy to use. The interior of the boat is highly ergonomic. And, of course, the Wakesetter 20 VTX uses the innovative surf gate.

Talking about the new Wakesetter 20 VTX, Adam McCall, Malibu VP of Product, said: “The fact that the Wakesetter 20 VTX can effectively serve a three-discipline purpose at a pro-caliber level makes it the ultimate crossover boat. Its design allows users to transition between wakeboarding, skiing and wakesurfing seamlessly, especially with the addition of Surf Gate.”

Nick Skally, Malibu Director of Marketing, added: “This crossover market has been a huge area of focus within our development team. A lot of our loyal customers do a variety of activities on the water, so it’s great to offer them a boat with such depth.”