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The Ice Wake Project

Nikita Martyanov was not always focused on wakeboarding. Growing up in St. Petersburg, Russia, his early passions as an action sports enthusiast were snowboarding and skateboarding. His results in these fields were promising, but suffered an injury that kept him away from these sports for a while.

Soon after his recovery, he decided to concentrate on wakeboarding. And it was a wise decision, as in 2003 Nikita entered his first international competition in London, taking first place on the podium. He was one of the few Russians to participate in wakeboarding competitions at that time.

Since 2003, Nikita hasn't missed a European or World Championship. In 2008 Nikita bought a MasterCraft X2 and set up his own wakeboarding school, with his attentions now focused on passing his skills on to the next generation.

Every winter Nikita leaves Russia for some hot and sunny place, but this year circumstances left him in his home city, Saint Petersburg. Walking around the city center, he noticed that after the thaw the river ice broke up, exposing the water stream and got the crazy idea to wakeboard the place. It might seem impossible to ride the historical city center in the middle of a regular day, but his self-confidence and conviction determined him to make this project come true.

Check him out shredding the icy waters in the video below.