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Malibu "Canadian Edition" VLX Unveiled at the Calgary Boat Show

Malibu Boats is one of the leading high performance wakeboarding and water ski boats designer and manufacturer in the world. The Malibu crafts are the official tow boats at major water sports events and the company operates in lots of countries and collaborates with a wide array of dealers.

Wizard Lake Marine, from Alberta, Canada, is Malibu Boats’ highest volume dealer in the world and was awarded the “Dealer of the Year" title by Malibu officials in 2011. The Canadian dealer has just unveiled Malibu’s Canadian Edition VLX at the Calgary Boat Show in February. The boat is especially designed for Canada. It features the Maple Leaf Flag printed on its side and embroidered into the carpet. The boat also features several other customizations. The boat is powerful and slick. It is a real masterpiece.

If you missed the Calgary Boat Show in February and didn’t have the chance to see the Malibu Canadian Edition VLX, then you must know that the Canadian boat shows continue as follow:

Saskatoon Boat Show - March 8-11
Edmonton Boat and Sportsmen's Show - March 15-18
Man Show – Saskatoon, April 26-28
Kelowna Yacht Boat and Leisure Show - April 28-29