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Nicola Butler Shredding Waves in Mexico

Nicola Butler is one of the best pro female wakeboarders today. More than a wakeboarder, Nicola is a world traveler and a dream chaser. She loves living for the moments that no one can put into words.

Nicola suffered a back injury that kept her out of the water for three months, but she has recovered and she is ready to shred the waves once again in her unique style. Actually, we think she is ready to dominate this season.

At the beginning of December, Nicola started riding again and chose a beautiful location to do that: Bacalar, Mexico. Check her performance out in the clip available in the related videos section below. You’ll see that she hasn’t lost her touch. Trever Maur joined her and filmed the rides for a full-length Mexico wakeboard movie set to release in 2014.