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Northwest Riders Partner with Tige Boats

The Northwest Riders crew from Seattle has just announced a new partnership with Tige Boats. They will be working closely with Lynnwood Motoplex, a local Tige Boats dealer, to promote the Tige Boats brand through their wakeboard school and contests. The Northwest Riders crew will ride in a Tige RZ2 throughout the 2012 season.

Northwest Riders is a well known brand which operates in the action sports clothing industry. They also operate a wakeboarding school and sponsor several events. Their partnership with Tige Boats, one of the major brands in the industry of wakeboarding boats design and manufacturing, will help promote both brands locally and internationally.

Greg Young, co owner of Northwest Riders stated: “We couldn’t be happier about partnering with Tige. Not only will we have the privilege of spending 12 hours a day in a new RZ2 this summer, but we’ll be working with a company who has already gotten completely behind us and sees our vision for where we want to go as a company. This will be a partnership in the truest sense, as both Northwest Riders and Tige will be working together not only to promote each others’ brands, but the sport of wakeboarding in general.”

At the same time, Ben Pigeon, Regional Sales Manager for Tige, added: “As we continue to push to be the best, it is our goal to align ourselves with the best. We are excited to be partnering with the Northwest Riders in the Seattle area. Their dedication to our sport and influence on the industry assures us of a great partnership for years to come. We look forward to providing the Northwest Riders with the best boats on the market to help them push the boarding industry to new levels.”