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One Shot

Breddas is proud to bring you One Shot, a new movie which showcases some of the best action wakeboarding has to offer. The movie stars Benjamin, Mattias and Jeremia Hoppe, three brothers that have been wakeboarding for many years and share a great passion for this amazing sport.

2012 was a pretty busy year for the brothers, as they were taking care of their wakepark, WCPE Wakepark and could not be seen much on the competition scene. They also took the time to think about how they could step up their own wakeboard career and after some discussions they decided to start a team with only the three brothers in it,

Ever since they started Breddas, they have been more motivated to wakeboard and to do everything around wakeboarding, such as filming, blogging, competitions and so on. This winter the three of them went to Thailand with one purpose: to take wakeboarding to another level and catch it on film. And you can check out their entire adventure in the related videos section below.

A quick word from the bros: “It has been an amazing trip! We met a lot of wonderful people, did fun stuff most of the time and rode a lot of wakeboard, but it has also been a lot of work and we have really pushed ourselves to our limits a lot of times. We actually never thought that we would get home in one piece, but we did.

We really wanted to go all in to make this edit better than the last one to thank all the people out there who have supported us and appreciated everything we have done during past year. We hope that the video will reach people's expectations and that this video can be the start for us as a team!”