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How to Adjust Your Windsurfing Stance

windsurfing stance

 Remember when you were young and your mother told you not to slouch? Having a good posture was important back then, it is important in day to day life and it also plays an important role in windsurfing. A good posture makes you feel good and look good, makes you sail better and consequently have more fun.

What makes a good windsurfing posture? Here are a few tips and pointers:


Try to maintain the balls of the feet on the board’s centerline. The front foot should be at a 45º angle and towards the tip of the board (this way the sail will not pull you as hard). The back foot must be kept perpendicular to the board; a 90 º angle should do nicely.


Keep your knees slightly bent and the front knee slightly turned towards the direction of motion. As a rule of thumb your feet and your knees should be aligned and facing the same direction. When you sheet in you should push off the front foot in order to resist the sail’s pull, lock out the front knee, and slightly bend your back knee.


Keep your back straight or angled away from the sail (this way the sail will not pull you as hard). If you bend forward at the waist you will most likely lose your leverage. Do not bend your waist, bend your knees and lean against the pull of the sail.

Shoulders and Arms

If you keep your back straight, then your arms will not be inside or in front of your hips. Try not to bend your arms; it is best to keep them straight. If you want to bend something, bend your legs.


Your head should be facing in the direction of travel. In regards to your eyes, they should be facing forward.