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How to body drag

windsurfing body drag

 If you want to cool off, nothing works better than body dragging on a windsurf board. Follow these simple steps and you should so just fine:

1. On broad reach, pick up as much speed as you possibly can. Do not forget to unhook (if you are wearing a harness, of course).

2. Place your back leg off the side of the board, backwards. Next do the same with your front leg.

3. Hold on to the boom tightly.

4. Skim the surface of the water with your bottom leg.

5. Before the board has a chance to slow down, pull your legs back up and onto the board. To aid in the lift, you should raise the rig.

6. Place your feet back in the foot straps and carry on as usual.

A few words of warning though:

- When you step off the board, do it in a gentle manner.

- Wind conditions are essential. To successfully pull off body dragging, the wind must be strong enough to allow for a water start.

- Do this on flat water, otherwise your momentum will be lost too fast. Also, you must know that longer boards perform better in this regard (they maintain their momentum better than shorter boards).