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What to Wear when Windsurfing

windsurfing wear

 This does not encompass advice on how to look cool at the beach; the advice is on what to wear in order to stay healthy and safe. Follow the tips presented below and you should be just fine:

1. If the air and water temperature is high enough that you do not need a wetsuit, then wear a bathing suit. Just make sure it is comfortable and doesn’t ride up or down. Keep in mind that baggy suits will have a negative influence on your wind.

2. Always wear a wetsuit if the meteorological conditions require it. Make sure that the suit allows you to move easily – keep in mind that you will be bending your knees a lot and that is exactly why most windsurfers go for the suits that come to just above the knee.

3. Do not forget to wear sunscreen (the water proof kind). Wear sunscreen even if it is overcast, because the clouds do not stop the dangerous UV rays.

4. You can go barefoot or wear water shoes, it all depends on the situation. For example if it is cold, the water shoes will protect your feet. Also, if the board has no rubber padding, the shoes will come in handy because they have rubber treads.