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Angulo CV1 2011

Angulo CV1 2011

Board Type: Freeride  Wave
Manufacturer: Angulo
Board sizes:

90L: 237x62 cm

100L: 242x62cm

110L: 247x64 cm


Angulo team is always looking for ways to improve the riding experience of all sailors out there. It crafts high quality board which offer unmatched versatility and reliability. The 2011 board line is engineered with specific focus on usability and performance. The CV1 is one of the new additions to the Angulo board line and it is guaranteed to offer and exciting and fun drive.

The board is especially optimized for freemove and bridges the gap between freeride and wave riding. It is not a true blood crossover board, but has a special shaping geometry which allows it to run smooth in flaw waters or choppy and small wave conditions. The CV1 offers high end control and reaches impressive speeds. It is easy to maneuver and responds accurately to rider input. It has impressive jibbing abilities and can plane without problems. It accelerates in and out of jibes without effort. The wider tail design provides good pop for riders looking to perform freestyle tricks. The longer outline and fuller profile assures optimal stability and easy handling. The board is dynamic, but easy to control, so it can be used by both advanced and less experienced riders.

Angulo has engineered the CV1 using a high density foam and wood sandwich structure plus additional carbon reinforcements in high stress areas. This construction makes the board light and agile but also very durable. The Angulo CV1 is the perfect choice for those rider who need a multi style board which offers speed, control and pop. It is fun to ride and reliable at all times.

Angulo CV1 2011 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Angulo CV1 2011 Reviewed on Dec 20th 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

The CV 1 is very playful, especially in strong winds. I like that. The compact shape makes it easy to maneuver in waves. In a strait line, the board is fast and feels stable. It combines the best from freeride and wave.