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Angulo Magnum 2010

Angulo Magnum 2010

Board Type: Slalom  Race
Manufacturer: Angulo
Board sizes:

Volume: 95L, 115L, 140L

Size: 62x238cm, 72x242cm, 82x241cm


The 2010 Angulo Magnum is perhaps one of the best slalom boards a rider can find today. That is because Josh Angulo has made no compromise and has developed a board that has all it takes for this style. Actually, Josh has worked together with pro rider and world champ Jean Bouldoires, and together they have made sure that the Magnum will meet even the most demanding needs of any rider out there.

The board has a wider profile and a slick shape. The compact outline allows the rider to experience a fast and smooth glide at all times. A good slalom board needs plenty of power and extra control, so Angulo team have introduced several new concepts to make sure that the Magnum performs flawless in any conditions. The RTA or Reduced Tail Area concept is used to improve the water release and provide extra power for an intense speed and fast acceleration. Also this concept prevents unwanted lifts and enhances the early planning abilities of the board. Another innovative concept is the RNA or Reduced Nose Area. This feature makes the board very agile and permits the rider to tackle any wave with little or no effort at all. It also improves grip and makes the board aerodynamic. Overall performance is also enhanced by the Extended Water Line. This feature assures that the board performs great in any wind condition and accelerates easily at all times. The board is also very maneuverable and puts the rider in a direct control. It turns and rotates fast, but it is stable and predictable the whole race.

Responsive, powerful and accurate, the Angulo Magnum is definitely a great choice when it comes to slalom. Do deliver extra performance the Angulo Magnum is equipped with Angulo G10 race fins. Depending on size and weight, the board offers top performance when it is used with a 5.9 to 7.1 meters wide sail.