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Angulo Sumo 2010

Angulo Sumo 2010

Board Type: Freeride
Manufacturer: Angulo
Board sizes:

105 to 155 liters volume and 64x251 to 72x265 centimeters sizes.


The 2010 Angulo board lineup is not very extensive, but it is surely impressive. The boards went through extensive research and development, as well as extreme testing to meet even the most demanding needs. The 2009 Sumo was a great all round slalom and freeride board, so Angulo team has decided to continue the legacy in 2010 and has released a new Sumo model.

It is based on the previous version pattern, but it is enhanced to offer even more efficiency. A wider shape and longer outlined make the board very dynamic and assure a smooth and fast glide. The board has plenty of volume proportionally distributed for extra floatability and has nice stability and can also support a heavier rider. The great thing about the Angulo sumo is that is has only user friendly features and be used by any rider, regardless of skill level. A smooth rocker line provides plenty of power for early planning and even extreme tricks. The board accelerates quickly and reaches top speed in no time. Once it has reached top speed, the Sumo can maintain it constant for a long time. The board is not only powerful, but easy to use too. The enhanced rail increase jibbing and carving abilities and allow the rider to experience a smooth and responsive control. No matter how fast he runs, how fast he turns or rotates, the Sumo is very controllable and performs flawless. Another great thing about this board is that it is able to deliver the same performance in any wave or wind conditions. Extra comfort throughout the whole session is assured by the use of soft pads and flexible, easy to adjust Dakine foot straps. The board is also equipped with Angulo performance fins for extra efficiency.

The Angulo Sumo is constructed on a Wood PWC Sandwich structure. This construction increases the board’s stiffness and makes it very durable and light at the same time. It comes in 105 to 155 liters volume and 64x251 to 72x265 centimeters sizes and for maximum performance it is best used with a 5.0 up to 8.5 square meters sail.

Angulo Sumo 2010 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Angulo Sumo 2010 Reviewed on Apr 26th 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

This is the heavyweight champion of boards. It is very solid and reliable. Combined with the Dakine straps the board is comfortable and boosts your confidence.