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Angulo SuperGu 2010

Angulo SuperGu 2010

Board Type: Freeride
Manufacturer: Angulo
Board sizes:

Volume: 92L, 102L, 112L

Size: 60x241cm, 62x244cm, 64x247cm


The previous SuperGu windsurfing boards were very successful and had great appeal to many riders around the world, so Angulo has decided to release a new version for 2010. Just like the previous versions it is intended to offer maximum performance for freeride lovers and it is easy to control and handle. The board is based on the previous model pattern, but it is enhanced with new tweaks which make it even more efficient.

The narrower shape and the compact, ergonomic outline make the board very fast and assure a smooth, drag free glide. The volume is very well balanced from tip to tail to increase floatability and stability in any conditions. A fast rocker allows the rider to experience an intense top speed and increases early planning and upwind abilities. The Angulo SuperGu is easy to power up in light winds and once it has reached top speed it can maintain it constant for a long time. Angulo has used an innovative diamond shape for the tail to make sure that the rider has an optimal back foot pressure. This feature makes the board very dynamic, allows a nice power release and allows quick acceleration. The board is also one of the most controllable ones available. It turns and rotates fast, it performs great jibes and is predictable and easy to maneuver the whole time. The rider has a direct and accurate control, and can perform any trick or run as fast as he wants with little or no effort at all. Fast and accurate, powerful and user friendly at the same time, the SuperGu by Angulo guarantees a great freeride session.

To make sure that the board is very durable, yet light at the same time, Angulo has built it on a PVC Wood Sandwich structure. This construction balances the weight to strength ratio and also makes the board stiff.  For optimal efficiency, Angulo recommends that the SuperGu should be used with a 4.5 up to 7.0 meters wide sail, depending on size and volume.