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BIC One Design 2010

BIC One Design 2010

Board sizes:

205 liters volume and 79x293 centimeters size 240 liters volume and 82x208 centimeters size


The BIC One Design has proven itself as a versatile windsurfing board. It blends efficiency and power with user friendly features to take racing and freeride to a new dimension. The One Design is available in two versions: the Techno 293 OD and Hybrid OD. Techno 293 OD has a wider shape and long outlines. This profile assures that it can reach an intense speed in no time and has a drag free glide. It also has plenty of volume distributed from nose to tail to assure a nice float and to get running in light wind. The longer shape also increases acceleration and top speed.

Although it is quite fast since it is a racing board, the Techno 293 OD is very stable and easy to handle, so it can be used by beginners, kids or for training without problems. It can also be used for recreational sailing or just for plain fun on the water. The concave bottom design adds extra stability and makes any ride smooth and fast. The new daggerboard system with a Trim Box finbox assures that the board has plenty of grip and optimizes the power delivery. The rider can maneuver it without any effort at all, and without worrying about losing control. To balance the strength to weight ratio, BIC has built the board on a CTS technology. The Techno 293 OD by BIC comes in 205 liters volume and 79x293 centimeters size and performs best with a 2.5 up to 7.8 square meters sail. The Hybrid OD is also super efficient when it comes to racing, but is designed for young riders who are more experienced and look for a faster competition board. The board is powerful and fast and no longer suited for a novice sailor, but can be used for recreation. It is slightly narrower and has a longer outline that the Techno 293 OD. This shape allows it to power up very fast and reach an incredible top speed. Out on the water the Hybrid OD has extra acceleration and traction and almost no drag.

BIC has also improved planning as well as upwind and downwind abilities of the board, so it can also be used as a great freeride board. The ASA technology on which the board was built assures a good tensile strength as well as a lightweight structure. The BIC Hybrid OD is available in 240 liters volume and 82x208 centimeters size. It offers maximum performance when it is used with race fins and a 7.5 to 11.0 square meters sail.