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BIC Techno 2010

BIC Techno 2010

Board Type: Freeride
Manufacturer: BIC
Board sizes:

Volume: 133L, 148L, 160L

Size: 70x250cm, 75x264cm, 82x255cm


Every windsurfer who loves freeride is in search of a board that has great planning abilities and performs great in upwind as well as downwind conditions. They have to search no more because the BIC Techno has been released, and it is a board that blends control with speed and power to take freeriding to a whole new dimension. The board is easily powered up in medium winds and it is easy to maneuver and steer in strong winds too. It has great potential, it is fast and it will surely make any session worth your while.

The BIC Techno has a wider shape and an ergonomic, dynamic profile. These features make it easy to control it and allow the rider to experience a fast, drag free glide in almost any condition. It also packs enough volume to support a heavier rider and to create maximum stability. The speed and power it develops and the extra maneuverability makes the BIC Techno great for racing also. A Fast, but smooth rocker line assures a fast and fun ride, with plenty of power for tricks. The slightly wider tail optimizes the water release to assure a nice acceleration and a nice speed for the extreme rider. The refined outline and the hydrodynamic profile of the BIC Techno make it very reliable and easy to handle out on the waves. The sailor has a direct and responsive control and can perform any trick, or run at maximum speed without any worries that the board will slip out of control. For any move he makes, the Techno will provide only positive feedback and will assure a smooth ride. The board is not only fast and powerful, but easy friendly as well.

It has extra power for the hardcore riders, but it is forgiving and easy to use for the sailors looking for fun. BIC has made sure that the Techno is super solid, but light, by using a CTS construction. For optimal efficiency, the manufacturer recommends that the board should be used with a 5.5 to 8.5 square meters sail, depending on volume and size.