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Exocet Cross III 2010

Exocet Cross III 2010

Board Type: Wave  Freestyle
Manufacturer: Exocet
Board sizes:

84, 94 and 104 liters volume and 57x235, 60x240 and 63x245 centimeters size.


It seems that 2010 is the year that Exocet pays a lot of attention to all wave riders out there. And a new board that is especially designed to perform admirable in all wave conditions can mean only great news for them. The new Cross III is created with focus on maneuverability and power so it is great for early planning, speed or even bump and jump. Exocet has used an enhanced outline and rocker line to make the board very stable and fast. The board performs excellent even in gusty conditions, and the advanced steering options permit the rider to focus on the moves, without fear of losing control. Like the other boards in Exocet’s 2010 lineup, the Cross III uses the Double Density Shock Absorbing feature for increased comfort. A wider tip combined with a Select Hydrofoil fin configuration make the board great at jibes, jumps and tricks.

Even if this is not a board built for intense speed, it is quite fast and offers enhanced grip and stability. One thing you must know about the Exocet Cross III is that it is a great board if you wish to progress from freeride to other styles of sailing. It turns fast, it s very responsive and provides the perfect amount of power for any trick or move. The board is built using carbon and PVC fabrics so it is both lightweight and durable.

The simple white and grey graphic design is really nice and elegant and makes the board unique. Cross III is available in 84, 94 and 104 liters volume and 57x235, 60x240 and 63x245 centimeters sizes. It is best used with a 3.3 to 7.5 meters wide sail, depending on volume and size.