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Exocet I-Style II 2009

Exocet I-Style II 2009

Board Type: Wave  Freestyle
Manufacturer: Exocet
Board sizes:

101 liters range and 235x62 centimeters size


All freestylers know that for a power ride and extreme moves they need a fast and reliable board. Exocet comes to meet these demands and has created the perfect freestyle machine, the I-Style II, which offers huge power and great maneuverability. The board uses new rail bevels and a fast rocker line which deliver instant acceleration and incredible speeds. Exocet has used a compact and ergonomic shape for the I-Style II, feature that allows it to glide through the waves smooth and fast. The balanced volume distribution slightly drawn to the back provides additional power for high jumps or tricks. The board performs great on both flat waters and in high waves, and due to the highly responsive steering, the rider can easily perform fast turns, rotations or other moves, without worrying about losing control even for a second.

The Exocet I-Style II is also a very comfortable board due to the use of the innovative Double Density Shock Absorber and soft and flexible foot straps. New technology features like Quality Construction and Exocet Unique Ride are implemented to tweak even more the overall performance. Sailor must know that the I-Style II is available in two versions, the standard and Pro Model. The standard model is constructed with carbon and wood materials, while the Pro Model is based on a biaxial carbon, Technora and Kevlar construction. Biaxial carbon, Technora and Kevlar are combined using top technology and make the board lighter and enhance durability for extreme and hardcore riders who need more power. Both models are reliable and efficient out on the water.

The Exocet I-Style II is quite an aggressive board, so the graphics match the “attitude”. The silver white bottom combined with the black and fire deck imprints are beautiful and unique. The board is only available in 101 liters range and 235x62 centimeters size. Maximum performance is reached when it is used with a 4.0 to 7.0 meters sail.