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Exocet I-Style III 2012

Exocet I-Style III 2012

Board Type: Freestyle
Manufacturer: Exocet
Board sizes:

101L: 235x62 cm


Exocet windsurfing boards are renowned for their excellent quality and versatility. They are crafted using the latest technology and using the best composites. If you are a freestyle enthusiast and need a board which offers top control and plenty of power, you will love the new I-Style III. The board is easy to power up, it has exceptional low end grunt, outstanding control and it is fun to ride.

The design of the board is oriented towards more radical riders who perform advanced technical moves, but the board is user friendly and can be used even by less experienced ones who love an exciting drive. The rounder outline combined with a wider nose profile and narrower tail assures a fast and smooth glide. At the same time it also improves the planning potential of the board. The innovative rail bevels charge the board with extra power when needs and allow the rider to perform spectacular tricks without effort.

The flat tucked section provides extra power, but also makes the board very responsive and easy to handle. The fast rocker line generates a quick acceleration and impressive top speed. It also assures exceptional control in all conditions. The single fin setup assures a fluid drive by optimizing power delivery and providing increased grip at high speeds or in tight turns. The board uses a Double Density Shock Absorber which suppresses wave impact shocks to assure a comfortable ride. The Exocet I-Style III is engineered using a robust and light Technora Kevlear and Biaxial Carbon structure. The board is guaranteed to offer an exceptional freestyle session.