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Exocet Warp 100 2010

Exocet Warp 100 2010

Board Type: Slalom  Race
Manufacturer: Exocet
Board sizes:

161 liters volume and 235x100cm size


When it comes to extreme riding and extreme speed Exocet does its best to develop boards that meet the demands of all pro and experienced riders. And since the demands of those riders are quite high, the new Warp 100 is here to satisfy them. The board is dedicated to formula racing, and believe it or not it runs almost at the speed of light. One of the things you must know about the Warp 100 is that it has been developed taking into consideration the advices of the pro rider and champ Gonzalo Costa Hoevel. Exocet has chosen a hybrid construction for this board, to assure both incredible speed and maneuverability for the rider. The board is extremely light and the volume is balanced to the tip, so it delivers maximum power and reaches huge top speed. When it is set on the water and gets powered up, the board accelerates very fast and offers an incredible race. Wider rails and a drawn back pressure point deliver maximum upwind and downwind performance.

The Carbon Hybrid technology used to build the board makes it virtually indestructible and also increases floatation and hydrodynamic capabilities. The maneuverability of the Exocet Warp 100 is also impressive, and the rider benefits of a direct and highly responsive control during the whole race. The board is pretty aggressive and powerful and that is why it is recommended for an experienced or pro sailor. The aggressive attitude of the board is complemented by pure black and red graphics which make it unique and elegant.

The Exocet Warp 100 is only available in 161 liters volume and 235x100cm size and it reaches top performance when it is used with an 8.4 to 12.5 meters sail.