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F2 Rebel 2012

F2 Rebel 2012

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: F2
Board sizes:

63L: 228x49,5 cm 
68L: 228x52,5 cm 
75L: 230x55,5 cm 
83L: 235x58,5 cm 
91L: 238x61,0 cm


A new series of F2 boards is ready to start the 2012 windsurfing season at full throttle. All boards have been carefully tuned to offer the best performance in their class. The 2012 Rebel is a special crosswave board, intended to excel in all wave conditions. The F2 Rebel is constructed using a robust sandwich structure which assures optimal tensile strength and perfect stiffness.

Due to the solid construction, the Rebel can handle both flat water and choppy conditions with ease. The board runs great in sideshore to onshore waves. The board is very agile and dynamic, it has plenty of power and offers nice lifts. Apart from wave riding it can also be used for freestyle tricks. The Rebel features a compact and wider shape which improves planning performance and assures better feedback to rider input. A single to double concave bottom design provides extra grip and assures optimal power release. Due to this design the board feels steady and has a very fluid glide.

The balanced volume distribution improves stability, while the rounded deck profile keeps the rider comfortable throughout the entire session. The F2 Rebel features special harmonic rails which provide excellent control in all wave conditions. The flat bottom curve assures an extra boost when needed and also allows the rider to maintain control in tight turns. The F2 rebel is easy to control, but very agile and powerful. It is best suited for dynamic riders who love power drives.