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F2 SX Racing 2011

F2 SX Racing 2011

Board Type: Race
Manufacturer: F2
Board sizes:

91L: 238x58 cm 
111L: 234x69 cm 
135L: 234x82 cm 
145L: 232x85 cm


Pro and hardcore riders demand high performance gear. Especially those riders who compete in world class racing events. The F2 team is dedicated to help them win every racing competition, and that is why it has designed the SX Racing board. Speed, power and control are the key elements which define a good racing board, and the new SX Racing offers all that and much more.

The board is crafted by F2 shaper Daniel Aeberli together with the F2 Racing team. The board is engineered using a race specific outline which assures a very fast speed and quick acceleration. At the same time it feels very stable due to the proportional volume distribution and it is easy to handle. The F2 SX Racing features a fast scoop rocker which assures improved early planning and generates a quick acceleration and a fast top speed. This rocker line also adds better control at high speed. A double concave with side flats bottom design in the front area assures a smooth, drag free glide.

The increased V in the middle section optimizes power delivery and lifts the board to assure less water resistance and improve top speed. The board also features small cutouts which provide excellent control and improve the jibes. The SX Racing uses a single fin setup and four straps. The board works best when it is used with 4.8 up to 10.0 square meters sails, depending on its size. If you are looking to rip the waves at high speed or take part in race competitions, the F2 SX Racing is perfect for you.