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F2 SX Racing 2012

F2 SX Racing 2012

Board Type: Race  Slalom
Manufacturer: F2
Board sizes:

91L: 236x58 cm 

111L: 234x69 cm 

135L: 234x82 cm 

150L: 234x85 cm


The F2 team is dedicated to improve the way sailors ride by crafting high performance gear each season. In 2012 a new series of F2 boards are ready to offer unmatched efficiency and versatility out on the water. The new SX Racing is a special slalom board crafted by F2 master shaper Daniel Aeberli together with the F2 Racing Team. The board offers incredible speed and top control. It is perfect for competitions as well as for casual racing sessions. The interesting thing about the SX Racing is that it features different tail shapes depending on size.

Every size features an optimized tail which assures excellent release and improved handling. The board uses a flat and fast scoop rocker which assures improved planning performance and trims the board on the water. F2 has engineered the SX Racing using a double concave bottom design with side flats in the nose area to assure a smooth and fast glide in all conditions. This feature is complemented by an increased V in the middle area and smooth rails. This way the board is easier to control and has an increased top speed. Additional control as well as excellent jibbing performance is added by the use of small cutouts. The larger sizes of the board use a higher backfoot position which generates extra power in lightwind conditions.

The F2 SX Racing is built using a Carbon composite structure which assures a lighter weight and maximum durability. This construction also makes the board dynamic and accurate. The F2 SX Racing offers top performance when it is used with 5.0 up to 10.0 square meters sails, depending on size.