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F2 SX Silberpfeil 2011

F2 SX Silberpfeil 2011

Board Type: Race
Manufacturer: F2
Board sizes:

91L: 238x58 cm 
111L: 234x69 cm 
135L: 234x82 cm 
145L: 232x85 cm


There are pro and expert riders who live to experience incredible speeds and perform spectacular tricks. They demand high performance gear to complement their amazing skills. The F2 SX Silberpfeil is one of the fastest windsurfing boards today and it is perfect for high speed course racing. The board is crafted by F2 shaper Daniel Aeberli together with the F2 Racing Team and it offers performance close to perfection.

The SX Silberpfeil (Silver Arrow) offers incredible top speed and it is also very easy to handle. It can be used in competitions as well as for casual racing. The board is light and has a hydrodynamic shape which propels it at high speeds across the water. It uses a fast scoop rocker which perfectly trims it on the water and assures better early planning performance. At the same time a double concave with side flats bottom design in the nose area generates a fluid and smooth glide. The increased V in the middle area assures optimal power release and keeps the board a bit lifted to minimize water resistance and improve top speed. The smooth rails assure top control and allow the rider to perform technical maneuvers without effort.

F2 has uses small cutouts to add extra control during maneuvers and improve the jibes. The F2 SX Silberpfeil is easy to use in marginal winds and incredible fast in proper wind conditions. It is crafted using a light and durable Carbon structure. The board uses a single fin setup and four straps. Fast and agile, the SX Silberpfeil is ready to break any speed record when piloted by an experienced rider.