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F2 SX Silberpfeil LTD 2012

F2 SX Silberpfeil LTD 2012

Board Type: Race
Manufacturer: F2
Board sizes:

91L: 236x58 cm 
111L: 234x69 cm 
135L: 234x82 cm 
150L: 234x85 cm


F2 crafts high quality gear for all riders, regardless of their skills and style. Their team pays special attention to the needs of pro riders who participate in world class competitions. Pro slalom riders need powerful and reliable gear to help them win world class events. The 2012 SX Silberpfeil LTD is one of the fastest windsurfing boards dedicated to slalom racing.

The SX Silberpfeil (Silver Arrow) LTD packs both power and control and reaches intense speeds. The board has a hydrodynamic shape which assures a fast and fluid glide in all conditions. The board uses a custom shaped tail depending on size. The tail design is optimized for better power release and control. A fast scoop rocker assures excellent planning ability and trims the board on the water. F2 has used an increased V in the middle area to prevent drag and assure a fast top speed. The double concave bottom design with flats in the front area generates a smooth glide and assures better top speed. The jibbing ability of the F2 SX Silberpfeil LTD is significantly improved by the use of cutouts.

The board features a higher backfoot position which creates extra power in lightwind conditions. This way the rider can use the board for fast races even when the wind barely blows. The SX Silberpfeil LTD is equipped with the new Superlight footstrap setup which keeps the rider comfortable and assures an optimal bond between feet and deck. F2 has engineered the SX Silberpfeil LTD using a solid and light full Carbon composite structure. The board is fast and accurate. It is a powerful weapon in the hands of an experienced slalom racer.