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Fanatic Falcon SL 2008

Fanatic Falcon SL 2008

Board Type: Slalom  Race
Manufacturer: Fanatic
Board sizes:

79 and 89 liters volume and 55x245 and 61x245 centimeters sizes.


Fanatic knows that a rider that loves speed and extreme racing is very demanding and needs a board that performs outstanding, no matter what the wind and wave conditions are. That is why, after extensive research and development it has created the Falcon SL, the ultimate racing and slalom machine.

The profile of the Falcon SL features a stretched outline and a hydrodynamic shape to increase traction and reduce drag, so the board can teach very easy intense speeds. Thin rails between the straps and a straight speed rocker drastically increase acceleration and carving abilities of the board. For maximum performance the rocker line is engineered with advanced CAD technology. Additional power for early planning and fast moves is provided by the use of the 75 degrees oriented pintail. An open V design has been also used to maximize power deployment and make the Falcon SL run at the speed of light. Also the tails is slightly wider to permit an enhanced release of power. A mono/double concave bottom design drastically increases the overall maneuverability and permits the rider to experience fast turns and rotations without losing control for a second.  The volume is proportionally distributed throughout the board to create good floatability and stability, so the board can easily support a heavier rider. Out on the water, when the board deploys maximum power or reaches extreme speed, maneuverability is the key to optimal efficiency. The rider is put in total control of the board, which behaves accurate and predictable, and no matter how extreme and hardcore is the ride, he will get only positive feedback from the Fanatic Falcon SL.

To maximize the board’s strength and make it as light as possible Fanatic has used a Carbon Sandwich composite structure. The Fanatic Falcon is available only in 79 and 89 liters volume and 55x245 and 61x245 centimeters sizes. For best performance, the manufacturer recommends that the Falcon SL should be used with a 4.5 to 8.5 square meters sail.